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first time is taken to regenerate the soils within which crops grow


We use our expertise as family-run cheesemakers to craft delicious dairy alternatives that are good for you and your gut thanks to the power of fermentation. We seek out local ingredients that can offer you plant based alternatives that are FRESH and FREE from any nasties. Our products are simply pure, nourishing and delicious...what more can you ask!

Our nutrient dense plant milks are made from local ingredients and come in returnable glass bottles. We blend the perfect amount of fresh coconuts, cashew nuts and gluten free oats to ensure our milk alternative is delicious, creamy and refreshing. 

Our dairy-free bio yoghurt range is thick, creamy and bursting with natural probiotic cultures. Harnessing the power of local coconuts, cassava and natural gums we've designed a product range that your gut is grateful for and the planet too!

Our plant based cheeses and butter are made with the purest and simplist of ingredients. We ferment soy to remove the lectins and enhance the antioxidant properties. Carrageenan (algae) is added for natural thickness and extra micronutrients and for the desired creaminess we add home-made coconut oil. Can you tell we are always keeping YOUR health front of mind?


We began to search for unique plant ingredients for our plant based dairy products and stumbled across an amazing array of Kenyan beans and grains that are rarely eaten or showcased on menus anymore. People used to eat a wide variety of plants and now in Kenya it is mostly 7 species! we not only are losing our plant biodiversity but we are losing our micronutrient biodiversity along with it.

We began to create a range of products that can encourage you to eat these plants again. Not only do they taste delicious but they offer you a nutritional powerhouse that is naturally gluten free. We also offer these in bulk so that you can enjoy in your own way in your own home!


What if breakfast cereal could be fun and enjoyable, low in sugar and delicious AND be pumped with protein without you even noticing? THAT was our goal! We also wanted snack bars that we could eat ourselves without being loaded with hidden or added sugars or processed powders. So we turned to Kenya's rich culinary heritage crafted some amazing products!

Our snack bars and granolas, powered by ancient grains, offer a nourishing blend of protein and fiber to keep you satisfied. These ingredients also promote sustainability by maintaining diverse farms and nourished soil for their growth.

  • Turmeric Granola (puffed millet, sorghum, rice & amaranth, seeds, turmeric) oat-free and soaked in coconut water for added minerals and enhanced micronutrient availability

  • Beetroot Granola (puffed millet, sorghum, rice & amaranth, apples, beetroot, honey) oat-free and packed full of micronutrients supporting overall health

  • High Protein Sprouted Granola (soaked oats, nuts, seeds chickpeas, sprouted millet, sorghum & amaranth, baobab) easily digestable with healthy fats and prebiotics for extra gut health

  • Ancient Grain Snack Bar (puffed sorghum, sprouted millet, amaranth, rice, seeds, baobab) a protein punch whilst still being light

  • Lemon Chia Snack Bar (soaked oats, puffed amaranth, lemon, chia seeds, cashew) the perfect chewy, zingy snack

  • Peanut Chocolate Snack Bar (peanuts, puffed millet, nuts, chocolate, soaked oats, seeds) a delicious healthy indulgent bar

  • Raspberry Mango Fruit Bar (raspbery, mango, cashew, beetroot juice) chewy, naturally sweet and circular in design!

In collaboration with Farm to Feed, we've also developed an amazing product that overcomes the problem of how to best store ripe tomatoes during peak season to avoid food waste. Made from rescued tomatoes and infused with miso this healthy savoury snack is tangy, bold and very moreish! Try them on a sandwich or add it to a homemade gourmet pizza and you won't be disappointed!

Fermented & Sprouted Baked Goods

We sprout all sorts of grains and pulses, such as heirloom beans and millet, and then incorporate these into our products. You are probably asking 'why go through all the additional time and effort'? Good question. Well, sprouting activates the seed enzymes which then turns the nutrients into a more usable form and makes the digestion process easier. This means you are significantly enhancing the amount of nutrients that you will absorb! And, the you are also left with a different texture to make your food more interesting and varied. 

In fact, the entire baked range is built on a foundation of slow fermentation so as to increase the amount of prebiotics which feed the “good” bacteria in your gut and contribute to overall microbiome health.

We've also created innovative baking mixes that make it easy to use Kenya's ancient grains and heirloom beans into your baking and cooking at home. We currently offer gluten free pastry dough, ready to eat pizza bases, brownie mixes and a gluten free flour mix. Let us know what else you'd be interested in!

Great food deserves great friends to go with them. Yes that is you(!) but it is also vinegars, ketchups, dips, pickles, and jams! We're constantly evolving our range, often fermenting them for maximum goodness and always making sure they are bursting with flavour and colour.  Keep your eyes peeled as we continue to launch more!